What is Teamphoria you might ask? It’s whatever you need to it be and that’s why so many organizations are signing up! Teamphoria offers everything from employee recognition to open lines of employee communication to performance reviews to goal setting. Utilizing these features will provide you with meaningful insight into your company’s culture.

Employee recognition is posted on the Activity Feed for everyone in the organization to see. This creates a sense of community by allowing other team members and leadership to comment on and like posts on the Activity Feed. Employee communications can be posted on the Activity Feed as well. Use our default employee communications (Announcements, Ask a Question, Make a Suggestion, Vent a Frustration) or create your own. This possibility is unlimited! Giving your employees an outlet for employee communication within Teamphoria can prevent negative net promoters for your business.

Utilize our performance feature for monthly check-ins, quarterly reviews, or even annual 360 reviews. Our modern, easy to use software takes the hard part out of performance reviews. Save review templates and use them over and over again. After your reviews are done, it’s time to set some goals. Teamphoria allows users to create their own goals or managers to create goals for direct reports. These goals can be tied to organization goals as well. This allows team members the ability to see how they are directly impacting the organization.

Ready to see how utilizing all of Teamphoria’s tools have impacted your organization? Launch our Culture Baseline survey and let your employees be heard. We will provide you with a net engagement score to see where your organization stands. Still want more? Take a look at the Reports and Analytics tool to see how much Employee Recognition and Employee Communication has gone up. Drill down into specifics by choosing a time period, group, or even type of employee recognition or employee communication. Check out our video and get started today!

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