agl and teamphoria 300x221 -  - Teamphoria and Apex Generation Leadership Partner To Better Serve Their Clients And  Benefit The Businesses They Help


Teamphoria, an employee engagement software company, and Apex Generation Leadership (AGL), a coaching firm geared towards millennial employees, plan to link up in order to provide a broader base of services to their respective clientele. AGL will use and recommend Teamphoria’s app to clients wanting to build their culture, communication, and openness, while Teamphoria will recommend AGL to companies that want to use their coaching process to build their millennial employees to be more engaged and productive.

“We are thrilled to partner with another organization who sees the value of investing in people,” said Apex Generation Leadership CEO, Brittany Barden. “By engaging with each person on your team as an individual, you empower them to show up excited for work, ready to be productive, and love what they do. Investing in people gives them a reason to stay. We love to provide that level of engagement for employees through coaching and look forward to furthering that in partnership with Teamphoria’s fantastic software.”

Apex Generation Leadership, a dynamic team of coaches, entrepreneurs, creatives, and spreadsheet gurus, works with corporations and organizations through coaching their millennial employees in order to increase employee retention, engagement, and satisfaction. AGL tracks metrics in order to provide a solid ROI for their clients and prove coaching is a sound solution to workplace problems. Learn more about how AGL is supporting employee engagement at

Teamphoria, a complete employee engagement software, encourages and reinforces positive workplace behavior based on five pillars: employee recognition, employee communication, camaraderie, company culture, and performance through multiple apps. Learn more about how Teamphoria is supporting employee recognition and employee engagement programs at AGL and other organizations at

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