Happy Employees through Recognition, Awards & Engagement

Creating an engaged workforce begins with recognizing employees for the amazing work happening within your organization. It’s not about yearly ceremonies or cheeky rewards, but instead about building a company culture that revolves around recognition.

Send & Receive Employee Recognition

  • Everyone can send & receive recognition: peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, employee-to-leadership.
  • Choose from our four award levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Group.
  • Customize your awards to incorporate your organization’s language and core values.

Track & Identify Leaders

  • Points are attached to each recognition award received.
  • Through our leaderboard web-site, you can track your recognition movement and identify top performers.
  • Directly tie recognition to performance in the same software.

Showcase Your Work

  • All recognition is shown in real-time through the activity feed of the software.
  • Live stream allows you to display recognition in public spaces with a clean interface.
  • Engage customers & guests by allowing visitors to send and receive recognition on-line too.

Want to learn how Teamphoria’s engagement features can impact your organization?