Reports & Analytics to Measure Employee Engagement and Company Culture

For administrators, the true power behind Teamphoria lies within the Reports & Analytics Dashboard. With Teamphoria, you can quickly grab a high-level overview of the health of your company culture, or drill down to see specific accomplishments or challenges.


  • Your company dashboard gives you weekly, monthly, or quarterly snapshots of recognition and communication within Teamphoria.
  • From the recognition tab, you can quickly view the top senders or receivers as well as the types of awards sent and core values impacted.
  • From the communication tab, there’s a breakdown of the types of communication and your organization’s happiness level.


  • The analytics under recognition are completely customizable to build the reports that are important to you and your organization.
  • You can filter by award type, impact, core value, and time intervals.
  • Additionally, you can customize the graph views and export the data to build what your team needs for presentations and reports.


  • The communication reports are your hub to gather insight on what types of communication are being used by your team as well as how frequently they are using the tools.
  • Gather data on vents, suggestions, and questions submitted.
  • Keep a pulse on your team’s happiness level through Rate Your Day reporting.

Culture Surveys

  • Use Teamphoria’s built in Culture Engagement Score template to get insight into your organization through ten elements of engagement.
  • Monitor your culture score on the dashboard. Quickly pull reports and view trends and measure change.
  • Associate real numbers with your core values to make sure you are living out your organization’s mission and purpose.

Performance Reviews

  • Monitor timeline progress on enabled performance reviews to encourage timely feedback to team members.
  • Filter performance review data by self-reviewer, manager, peer or external reviewer.
  • Gain insight into how well managers are progressing in finalizing their team’s reviews.

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