Company Culture Surveys for Happier Employees

With Teamphoria, you can put real numbers behind your organization’s culture based on key elements of employee engagement.

Survey & Listen to Your Team

  • Before you improve, you have to understand your current challenges. Gather feedback from your team with our 5 minute survey.
  • Our survey is comprised of 12 questions, 10 based on the core elements of engagement, and two based on your company.
  • Timing is everything! You can request survey participation from anyone at anytime. It’s open to team members at all times.

Create Custom Pulse Surveys

  • Create an unlimited number of custom surveys to send out to your Team Members for live feedback.
  • Want to survey someone outside your organization? Enable external surveys to get true 360º feedback.
  • Target surveys towards specific groups within your organization, instead of polling everyone at once.

Measure Your Progress

  • With Teamphoria, you can put real numbers and data behind your culture and its growth.
  • Watch your culture grow on the dashboard. Quickly pull reports and view trends and measure change.
  • Associate real numbers with your core values to make sure you are living out your organization’s mission and purpose.

Want to learn how Teamphoria can impact your organization?