Grow a more successful business through employee recognition

We aren’t talking about fancy glass paperweights. Build a recognition program around the amazing work happening within your organization.
  • Send & receive recognition awards
  • Display recognition publicly with the feed
  • Share with customers, your network & more

Drive employee performance throughout the year

Make your annual reviews simpler and more transparent for leadership, HR teams, managers, and employees.
  • Design & build the perfect review
  • Administer, manage & automate the process
  • Compare manager & self reviews side-by-side

Create an environment for better communication and transparency

Give your employees the channels they need to effectively and efficiently communicate with your leadership and each other.
  • Submit anonymous vents
  • Collect and vote on team suggestions
  • Request individual or project feedback

Keep a pulse on the genuine morale of your team members

Real-time insight into your workforce so you can track, analyze, and measure the actual changes happening to your organization’s culture.
  • Leaderboard to reveal top performers
  • Comprehensive reports & analytics
  • Identify disengagement & potential challenges

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