Ditch the pen, paper, and boring spreadsheets. With Teamphoria, you can manage your goal setting and performance review process online, saving paper and your time!

Manage Performance Reviews

  • Design the perfect annual reviews for your organization. Everything is customizable including the content, question type, and response visibility.
  • Employees can quickly access their reviews via a link from their email and have the ability manage their own, peer, and manager reviews in one place.
  • Managers decide when the results are released, so they can hold until completion or a particular date.

Set & Achieve Goals

  • With Teamphoria, employees can set professional and personal goals which are then shared with managers.
  • For each goal, team members set due dates and milestones to determine if they are on track to achieve their target.
  • Assign accountability buddies for each goal who can encourage you and give feedback on your progress.

Track and Analyze your Results

  • Team members can compare their self, peer, and manager reviews side-by-side on one screen.
  • The HR dashboard shows completion rates and review statuses to administrators in real-time.
  • Past reviews are archived to keep your organization compliant. They can easily be accessed at any time.

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