employee engagement platform

  1. Input new employee information before their start date. This way on their first day, their welcome card will appear on the Activity Feed. This lets your other Teamphoria users know who the new person in the office is.
  2. Challenge new team members to send a certain amount of employee recognition within their first month. Incentivize your new employees to send employee recognition with some company swag. Better yet how about some Teamphoria swag! Don’t worry we can always send you some more; just drop us a line.
  3. Introduce them to a Champion. You picked Champions for a reason, now personally introduce them!
  4. Give team members a reason to log in. Posting company Announcements and other employee communications will drive users to log into Teamphoria to stay in the know. Utilize our Helpful Links on the Organization page to show new employees everything they need to know from payroll to benefits to requesting time off.
  5. Schedule monthly one-on-ones with their managers and leads. Utilize our performance review section to include a new hire one-on-one with their manager, the HR team, or gather feedback from their peers.


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