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What does your company do to welcome new employees and integrate them into your culture?

At Teamphoria we are all about assisting organizations in growing amazing company culture – not like in the meme above. Check out our tips below for a better orientation and onboarding process.


Allow them access to Teamphoria early:


Sign up your new employee with their personal email address if their work email address isn’t ready yet. Letting your new employee see how great your company culture is through your Activity Feed will make them feel more comfortable on the first day. This is way better than handing them a basic and boring organization chart on the first day.  They even will receive digital access to their team members as a result of being on Teamphoria. Teamphoria can be a terrific way to get to know your team quickly!


new employee welcome card

Announce the new employee to the team:

Since you’ve already added your new employee to Teamphoria, make sure to fill in their start date, bio, job title and profile picture.Teamphoria will automatically post a welcome card on their first day. If you want to go the extra mile, you can post a separate announcement with some fun facts about the new employee.




Welcome them with company swag:employee engagement swag

Outfit your new employee with company swag. Nothing promotes company culture like branded t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc. I’m telling you – people love free stuff!




employee recognition template

Immerse them in the company culture:

Make sure team members are sending your new employee recognition. When you start a new job, you want to impress your peers and managers. A simple recognition from a team member during the first week of work can have a significant impact on your new employee.







And of course, set up your new employee with a buddy, but make sure it is someone better than Bart Simpson! Because remember, your new employees are the future and improving their experience in the first couple of months can help your organization create long-term employee engagement and growth and will set the tone of your company culture.


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