Teamphoria is proud to announce our latest partnership with Icueity!



The natural partnership of Icueity with Teamphoria’s amazing employee engagement platform brings together two powerful opportunities for organizations to push beyond the boundaries of mediocrity to maximize employee growth, productivity, and happiness.”




Rebecca Heiss, CEO Icueity



About Teamphoria

Teamphoria is employee engagement software that builds and measures an engaged workforce and healthy company culture. It’s the first software platform to provide real-time employee engagement and allow organizations to improve culture organization-wide. Features focus on improving employee recognition, employee communication, and performance to help companies be more successful through employee engagement. Sign up for free today!


About Icueity

What would it look like to have the power of a 360 review at your fingertips 365 days of the year? Icueity allows users to discover hidden strengths, reveal blind spots, and increase productivity, innovation, decision making and creativity with its focus on building the one trait essential to all leaders: Self Awareness.



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