Ah, the new year – it’s a fresh start! Everyone is getting organized, people are motivated – why not translate that feeling into your business? Start this new year off with these helpful tips below:


employee goal setting software team pulseTake your company’s pulse: Utilize our Culture Baseline Survey to see how your employees feel after the new year. See how far you’ve come since the last culture survey, or use this as a starting point. The Culture Baseline will help show you what you as an organization                             should focus on.


employee goal setting software employee recognitionRefresh the tired, old employee recognition program: Between 67 to 90 percent of companies report an increase in employee engagement after adopting an employee recognition program. Teamphoria Rewards will help incentivise your employees as well. We partnered with Tango                     Card to provide gift card options from the best retailers around.


employee goal setting software goalsTie up loose ends on 2017 goals and input your new 2018 goals: Start the new year off with updated goals. Letting employees know your organization’s goals will inspire them to make personal goals that align with those organizational goals.


employee goal setting software employee communicationMake Employee Communication a resolution: Make one of your company’s new years resolution to be more open with employee communication. Productivity improves by 25% in organizations with connected employees – so go ahead and get the conversation started.  


employee goal setting software employee reviewsStart thinking about updating your performance review process: The key is to start now. May we suggest check-ins? Check-ins (monthly or quarterly) are the future of performance reviews. More and more companies are turning away from the lengthy annual review and                             moving more towards conversation-like check-ins.


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