speaking about employee engagement platform 300x226 -  - Teamphoria and Gallup Team Up to Speak at the 2018 Business of Airports Conference


The 2018 Business of Airports Conference was held in Portland Oregon this year. Teamphoria co-founder, Andrew Strickland, spoke with Paul Letson, a Senior Consultant at Gallup, about employee engagement and culture. Paul from Gallup started the presentation with the basics of engagement and the impact it has on the bottom line, as well as trends in the marketplace. Andrew then spoke about how Teamphoria is a modern way to boost engagement in a diverse workforce such as airports.


About Teamphoria

Teamphoria is employee engagement software that builds and measures an engaged workforce and healthy company culture. It’s the first software platform to provide real-time employee engagement and allow organizations to improve culture organization-wide. Features focus on improving employee recognition, employee communication, and performance to help companies be more successful through employee engagement.


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