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Lauren here, head of Customer Success at Teamphoria.

Our team speaks with hundreds of clients each week and we always hear how easy it is to use Teamphoria. Our partners and clients also enjoy telling us how it has changed their organizations. At Teamphoria, we offer three different levels of our solution: Engage, Perform, and our Full Suite. There is something to meet every organization’s needs.


The Engage Level:

Use the Engage Level to have access to the Activity Feed, Employee Recognition, and Employee Communication features. Employees who are appreciated are more likely to be engaged, higher retained and more productive at work. Teamphoria Engage is the perfect solution to allow your leadership team to recognize their team members and communicate more effectively. These will be visible to the whole organization on the Activity Feed so other team members can interact as well.


The Perform Level:

Use the Perform Level to meet all of your performance review needs. We offer unlimited customizable performance reviews, goal setting, and reporting – perfect for big and small organizations. Create organization goals and allow your team members to tie their personal goals to those organization goals so they can see how they are directly impacting the company. What’s the best part? We have a modern approach to how reviews and feedback should be collected (hint hint, not just once a year).


The Full Suite:

Combines both the Engage and Perform features to offer everything for your organization. Utilizing all Teamphoria tools together will increase employee engagement and reduce employee turnover.



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