Screen Shot 2017 09 05 at 11.29.52 AM e1523560558529 1 300x73 -  - Teamphoria Feature Spotlight: Custom Employee Communication On Our Employee Engagement Software

Ready to get your employees even more excited about engaging with your organization on Teamphoria? Setting up custom employee communication types will keep users wanting to login and participate. We have heard some creative ideas from our customers. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Internal Job Postings: Restrict this employee communication to department leads and make sure it posts on the Activity Feed. This shows your users there is growth within your organization.
  • Industry Specific Outlets: Your employees are experts in your industry – give them an outlet to share their ideas and learn from others. Some of our favorites include food and wine pairings, book club/reading recommendations, or even sharing industry related articles. These can be open to the whole organization or to specific groups within your organization.
  • Community Events: Encourage your employees to get out and support the local community. Is there a fun local event happening in your community? Share it with everyone and encourage that employee engagement outside of the office.

Of course you always have access to our standard employee communications Announcements, Ask a Question, Make a Suggestion, and Vent a Frustration. So let’s hear it, what custom employee communications would your organization set up? Sign up your first five users for free!

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