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Teamphoria is proud to welcome our new partner Patrick Bryant. Patrick is the co-founder of Bidr, Go To Team, Assignment Desk, Cigar Row, and other startups here in the Charleston area. Patrick also operates the Harbor Entrepreneur Center, a nonprofit that provides work spaces in Charleston. With his history and expertise in startups, we are happy to add him to the team!

Patrick was recently a guest on the podcast The Tech Life with Rich Conte:

What excites you most about where Teamphoria is at their journey now?

“Well Teamphoria is a human resource software in the sense that it’s designed specifically for tech companies, high-growth companies, millennial employing companies, and companies that have remote teams. All of those kind of classifications really make Teamphoria the perfect fit and so as I’ve gone out in the world to work on the sales side of Teamphoria and began to pitch the product and work with customers on it, I really do see a lot of excitement in those areas because they don’t have a lot of product that are addressing their problems and this particular piece of software just does an incredible job at connecting employees, creating retention and recognition, and giving employees an ability to communicate with other employees through awards and a social feed, but then also something I am incredibly excited about is the idea of more of a small company using it to do their reviews. So employee reviews, employee goal setting, those kind of things and that’s sort of a newer angle for the company. Today you can log on to our website and sign up and start using the software in about five minutes. It’s incredibly easy and that’s something that’s brand new that was brought to the team and that’s something I wanted to focus on as soon as I joined the team.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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