disengaged employees engaged

Research shows that exposure to the poor behavior of even a single employee can reduce a team’s productivity by 30% to 40%. Through a mix of training, providing goals, and offering feedback, you can turn that bad apple into a highly productive teammate.


Providing Goals: Most of the time the reason employees are disengaged is because they are board or do not feel challenged at work. Have managers set clear expectations as well as new challenges for their employees. Set goals for employees to complete additional job-related training and courses. Learning new skills will re-engage your employees.


Offering Feedback: Allow your company to have open employee communication, especially between managers and employees. Utilize our employee performance management feature to facilitate monthly check-ins where feedback can be provided along the way.


Motivation: Motivate your employees with employee recognition and rewards. Sending your disengaged employees recognition when they do something good will show them that they have a positive environment. In a positive environment, employees will take ownership and produce their best work.


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