happy employees are more productive


It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive. Studies show that happy employees have increased efficiency, productivity, and retention.

So here’s how to keep your employees happy at work:

  1. Send them Employee Recognition. Utilize Teamphoria for peer to peer recognition. Let the whole organization know what a rockstar they are. Who doesn’t like to be recognized for the hard work they’ve done?
  2. Give them a creative outlet. Set up custom employee communications in Teamphoria where team members can share fun links or articles, and even upload images. Make your Teamphoria Activity Feed fun and informative.
  3. Reward them. Teamphoria offers a gift card rewards program based off of sending and receiving employee recognition, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc. Make your team members feel special for going above and beyond.
  4. Leave communication lines open. Keep those communication lines open by having monthly one-on-ones with managers and direct reports through our performance review tool. Or utilize our Make a Suggestion and Vent a Frustration employee communication. Giving team members the opportunity to be heard by leadership will make them happier.

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