I’ve never been one to follow the ways of the White House Budget very closely. Heck, I can barely manage my bank account, much less understand how on earth you begin to breakdown a $4 trillion budget request. However a recent article in the Washington Post, “Six ways the White House budget would affect federal workers” caught my eye for one particular reason. Part of the proposed budget would include the following:

Performance reviews would measure employee engagement.

That’s right, federal senior executives would actually be measured on some aspects of employee engagement as part of their annual performance review. Employee morale has been on a steady decline recently within the federal government. According to the article, “Some experts say the problem is largely due to a lack of employee engagement, which can leave workers feeling disillusioned and less invested in the mission of their agencies.”

federal budget includes employee engagement

The federal government is going to have an uphill battle on their hands with employee satisfaction and commitment at their lowest points since 2003 when the analysis began according to the Partnership for Public Service. Undoubtedly, the government is trailing behind the private sector when it comes to employee engagement with an employee engagement score of only 57 out of 100, compared to 72 out of 100. While those numbers are a harsh reality for federal employers, we are excited to see the proposed budget including a few steps in the right direction for federal agencies.

This is incredibly exciting for us here at Teamphoria, because this initiative reinforces exactly what our product is all about. We think that engaging employees through better employee recognition, employee communication, and company culture will have a direct effect on performance, and we give you the metrics to prove it!

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