Employee turnover and retention are cited as top challenges for roughly 47% of HR leaders. This number is likely to keep going up since Millennials are labeled for their “job hopping”. How can you stay ahead of this ever-growing challenge? Keep reading to find out!


1. Launch an employee engagement survey

First things first – measure your employee engagement and then from the results, take action. Use our Culture Baseline Survey to find out who is aligned with your company culture and who is not.

2. Hire the right people

And don’t be afraid to let the people who don’t fit with your culture go. Your organization should have more promoters than detractors. When hiring new employees, make sure they are a fit for the role as well as the company.

3. Recognize and reward your team members

Let your employees know they are appreciated by launching Teamphoria’s employee recognition program. Employee recognition can help shape your organization’s culture. Don’t forget to reward your team members for sending and receiving employee recognition. Check out more on that here and here.

4. Encourage growth and development

Give employees a sense of purpose by setting a vision and goals for their roles. Use Teamphoria’s goal setting feature to create goals for employees that can help with their growth and development.

5. Capture ongoing feedback to see the smoke before there is a fire

Companies are big on exit interviews. Learning why your team members are leaving is important to the success of a company. With Teamphoria use tools like Vent a Frustration and ongoing feedback forums to know in real time when team members are upset with something. Consider it a pre-exit interview strategy.



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