great company culture at teamphoria
Participation is important for a company’s culture. It’s a great measure for employee engagement – engaged employees are more likely to participate than their disengaged counterparts. In spirit of Halloween, here are the ghosts and ghouls that haunted Teamphoria HQ (and participated in our costume contest.)

lobster costume teamphoria company culture

Participation is tough – it’s putting yourself out there. Participation is taking a leap of faith, whether that’s getting invested in a company’s culture, or coming to work without asking if any other people were wearing a costume before going in. (Although it was pretty tempting.)

bob ross costume company culture at teamphoria

Employee communication and accountability are important — you can’t have Bob Ross without his happy little trees!

star trek costume teamphoria company culture

Do people participate in your office? If you need tips on participation or employee engagement, a great first step is to learn more about Teamphoria or sign up for free today!

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