Charleston, SC — November 12, 2014

Teamphoria announced the addition of performance management to their employee engagement software to round out their existing feature set which includes features for employee recognition, employee communication, and company culture. Teamphoria users now have the ability to administer, create, and store unlimited customized employee performance reviews within Teamphoria, so they can also leverage the wealth of employee data already being captured within the software.

The new features available to Teamphoria clients with the addition of Performance include:

  • Extensive employee survey builder: Administrators can use Teamphoria templates or build a performance review that is entirely unique to their organization.
  • Side-by-side comparisons: Individuals can quickly compare self, peer, and manager reviews to give a holistic view of employee performance.
  • Human resources dashboard: The dashboard provides insight into the review process, allowing administrators to view completion rates and statuses of specific managers or teams in real-time.

“Breaking into the performance space was a natural progression for us,” said Andrew Strickland, Director of Teamphoria. “We launched Teamphoria as a way to capture employee recognition, so pulling those awards into the review process was a no-brainer. It makes the process easier for everyone involved – not to mention more accurate.” Within Teamphoria, you can access the employee recognition and employee communication of each team member, which intrinsically builds individual profiles. The software is continuously capturing employee data that is relevant and impactful to employee performance throughout the year.

“We believe that performance reviews should be a true and accurate reflection of the progress an individual has made,” explained Christina Lock, VP of Human Resources at SPARC. “With Teamphoria, the difficult part is done for us – employee data is collected for us throughout the year without adding any additional steps or tracking. Keeping employee recognition, employee communication, and performance in one piece of software saves time for me and my team.”

Teamphoria’s interface is clean, simple, and functions much like the standard employee survey builders many are already familiar with. “Unlike many performance solutions, we decided to keep our software extremely simple. Performance reviews should allow you to focus on the individual, without getting distracted by the tool,” stated Strickland.

For more information on performance management with Teamphoria, visit our features page.


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