With ever growing buzz in my LinkedIn newsfeed highlighting the years’s culture and employee engagement obstacles, it’s becoming more and more difficult for professionals to sort through the noise and pinpoint solutions to best aid THEIR organization’s initiatives. If everyone has a magic bullet, why then do we hear “Johnny”, VP of Human Resources say, “We pay thousands of dollars for an employee engagement solution, and it sits in idle. Nobody uses it.”

When we follow up with these individuals hoping to learn more about their decision making process, we typically hear something like this: Morale was low, turnover was high, and a couple executives sought a solution.

The problem: The decision to find a solution that nurtures and helps to grow company culture and employee engagement is often left to a small group. In no way are we saying that in all situations the use of a small group has or will not work to resolve the issues of the greater population, but rather by limiting the decision making process to a small group you assume a number of risks, which include:

  1. Limited minds for problem solving
  2. The real pain points not surfacing or being weighed improperly
  3. Continued disengagement as employees opt not to participate in the new solution
  4. Wasted energy, time, and money

The solution: Before jumping to any conclusions about employee engagement and company culture — measure it! Trying to resolve a problem without first identifying what and where the problem areas lie is nearly impossible. When it comes to company culture and employee engagement, there is a foundation of elements that must also be addressed. These include but are not limited to:

employee engagement survey

  • Company pride
  • Employee Recognition
  • Happiness
  • Camaraderie
  • Employee Communication

Instead of evaluating smiles or turnover rates, try releasing an employee survey to gather insight and scores for these elements to identify the current pain points in you organization. Finally, (and this is the most important part of the solution!) ask your people for feedback and suggestions. It seems obvious, but you would be amazed by how many professionals are implementing company culture and employee engagement software without taking this step. If you want to know what motivates, fuels, or inspires your team members, JUST ASK! You will be astonished by the acceptance and participation in your new software if you take this simple step.

There is no doubt that employee engagement and company culture are the biggest obstacles for companies today. Before investing in a new platform be sure to identify the problem and ask your people for their feedback and suggestions. If you are interested in learning where your company culture stands, check out our Culture Baseline Surveys or download our Employee Engagement Surveying ebook to learn more.

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