What if there were steps you could take to keep your top employees? Well there is! The Stay Interview is a retention strategy that is being used among top employers. They are using Stay Interviews to find out what is motivating their top employees to stay with the company. Let’s take a look at the basics of a Stay Interview.



Asking the right questions is important. You don’t want to ask yes or no questions or closed-ended questions as this will shorten the interview and may not feel as successful. Make sure to ask open-ended questions focused around the employee. Remember they are one of your high performing employees, so you want to know as much as you can.


Learn about their work styles



Understand the opportunities



Discover work-life balance



Uncover more fulfilling responsibilities



Make sure they are happy



Welcome suggestions




Make sure these interviews are completed separate from performance review times. Schedule them ahead of time so that your employees have time to prepare. This will make for a more meaningful interview. Remember performance reviews are about the organization evaluating the employee and Stay Interviews are more about the employee evaluating the organization.



Stay Interviews are great for discovering warning signs around top employees. They also let your top employees know that you are open to making changes because of their loyalty and performance. Have an action plan with your HR Team so that managers can discuss results from different departments to be able to look for patterns across the organization.


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