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Four Ways to Engage Your Employees During March Madness

It’s March! Basketball fans across America are rejoicing that the big tournament is finally upon us. Meanwhile, executives are seeing red dollar signs roll in their eyes. But guess what I saw… (but seriously, you’ll never guess.) I saw statistics about March Madness that are POSITIVE. That’s right, a new survey by Office Team suggests that all that water cooler talk about who is dominating the office pool might just be BOOSTING morale. Yeah, take that. Clearly, my trash talk needs some work, but check out these stats:

  • Nearly one-third (32 percent) of senior managers interviewed said activities tied to the college basketball playoffs boost employee morale.
  • More than one-quarter (27 percent) felt March Madness has a positive impact on worker productivity.

So you know what we have to say about all the distractions March brings? BRING. IT. ON. That’s right, use the spirit of this hyper-competitive month to fuel your team. Here are just a couple fun ideas on how you can use the madness to build employee engagement:

Attach Mini-Hoops to the Recycling Bins

We can’t all sink three pointers like Ray Allen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have that same feeling of victory when we hit the cross-cubicle shot into the recycling bin. Why not step up the office game and surprise everyone with mini hoops attached to the recycling bins? At around $5 a pop, you might not be able to outfit the entire office, but jazz up the common areas and encourage a little paper toss.

Organize a 3-on-3 tournament

Does your team contain some actual ballers? Set up an office 3-on-3 tournament in the parking lot or at a nearby park. If this seems a little too aggressive for your crew, stick to a shooting competition and some grilling. And if you are in one of those states that still has snow on the ground, save this idea til summer! We don’t want any brokens backs from slipping on ice.

Create a NBA Jam Competition

Boomshakalaka!!!! Arguably the greatest game of all time. If you have a spare TV, build a gaming station for the ultimate couch potato, and set up a bracket with schedule times throughout the month. These super sweet slam dunks will bring out the kid in everyone. The fist bumps and high-fives will be flying.

Build a Team Spotify Playlist

Don’t act like you don’t get excited every time you rediscover an old Jock Jams CD. Yeah, you drum on you steering wheel and dance in your car. Admit it. Bring that energy into the office by creating a team playlist where everyone can add their favorite classic pump-me-up tunes. You’ll have everyone bouncing at their desks with their headphones on and typing at the speed of light. Don’t be surprised if you catch people replacing coffee with Gatorade.

The official games kick off tomorrow. What will your organization be doing to celebrated the madness?

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