We said it – email sucks. Email is one of, if not, the most impersonal forms of employee communication out there and yet we all are guilty of using it, in many cases when we know it’s not the correct employee communication given the situation and audience.

When we started Teamphoria, of course the thought crossed our minds as it has yours, why not just send an email? If I can send a coworker an email saying, “thank you,” why do I need Teamphoria?

Well, let’s start from the simple fact that very few people experience any kind of excitement when it comes to looking at their inbox. Most of us are fighting the email battle daily with multiple accounts and in most cases understand it as a necessary evil. An email is not engaging, visually appealing, or personal…it’s an email. Sure the content varies as it does with anything, but we knew there could be a much more effective alternative. A Teamphoria Employee Recognition is very personal, unique, exciting, and effective. Not only is it visually appealing and energy-building but it publicly (or semi publicly) recognizes you and shares your good will. The public feed, personal thank you, and strengthening power it has for employee relationships is immeasurable compared to a normal electronic message. You’ll understand what we mean after you receive your first couple of Teamphoria Employee Recognitions.

Comparison with email…what comparison?

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