Yes we understand it’s your place of business, but you should still be able to have fun at work. At Teamphoria we live by our core value of Work Hard, Play Hard. Team building is important, so we’ve rounded up some ways to get your team members connected and working better together.

Have an office game room

Allow your employees to take a mental break from work with ping pong, foosball, or darts. These are all team-building games that will boost morale within the company. Sometimes taking a ten minute break to play a quick game will make you more productive throughout the rest of the day.

Start a fitness challenge

What better way to build camaraderie than with a fitness challenge. It can be a steps challenge, miles run challenge, or anything to get your employees active. Make sure to set an overall goal for the whole office to achieve together, and keep track of the steps, miles logged.

Guess Who Game

A fun way to get to know your team members better. Each week or month share random facts about a team member and have other employees try to guess who the facts are about. Teamphoria’s custom communication feature works great for this!

Two truths and a lie

This is a great ice breaker game for new employees. Share two truthful facts and one lie about a person, and have the rest of the company guess which one is the lie. Again, utilize Teamphoria’s custom communication feature for this fun game.

Hold cook-offs

Let your employees’ inner chef shine by holding quarterly cook-offs based on the season. In the fall nothing is better than a chili cook-off, and what about a holiday cookie challenge in the winter. It’s a great way to bring team members together as well as provide snacks/treats for your employees.

Office olympics

A great summer team building activity is putting on office olympics. Close the office on a Friday after lunch and let everyone enjoy the outside. Put together teams, and make sure the teams consist of different departments and different levels of employees. The idea is to get people who don’t normally interact with each other working together on a team.

What other team building games does your office do? We’d love to hear!

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