Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

We thought you and your team might want to share some love at your workplace today with culture candy hearts. Here are some sweet personalized treats you can send via email, text, or IM.

Great peeps don’t go unnoticed, so share some love today!

EngagementChampThis candy heart is for the Engagement Champ! Their energy is contagious and they are always passionate about their work. You get excited because they are excited – they’re that office champion that keeps everyone coming back each day.


CultureQueenCultureKingThe Culture King or Queen is always thinking of how to improve company culture in the workplace! In fact, they probably prepared an awesome Valentine’s Day treat to spread some holiday cheer!



The Innovative Hero has endless ideas. They know how to solve any problem and brainstorming is their superpower. When you are all out of ideas, they can get you thinking again!


#1SupporterWho’s the one that is always there for you? They pick you up when you fall down, support your ideas no matter how crazy, and are the first to congratulate you on any success. This candy heart is for them!



You may be partners on a project or partners in crime. Either way you wouldn’t be you without your Trusty Sidekick! Share some candy today and start thinking about your April Fool’s pranks.


When you need something done and done well, you turn to the Project Conqueror! They accomplish any task thrown their way flawlessly.


This artistic soul is always creating new content that rocks! When you’ve got a great idea, their creative powers make it a reality!


When the sugar rush has worn off, don’t stop celebrating your awesome peeps! Keep spreading the love everyday with Teamphoria and its digital employee recognition app.

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