A Team Member By Any Other Title…would still be just as sweet!


Team Members have been able to choose their own titles since the dawn of the Information Age — or really, since Guy Kawasaki called himself Apple’s Chief Evangelist in the 80s. While shoulder pads and fanny packs have faded away, the choose-your-own-title has stuck around. For good reason – choosing your own title can make your job feel more meaningful, more uniquely yours.

In Teamphoria, you can choose any title, which got me thinking about what makes a good title. It was about time that I had to chose my own title, and I found it was way more difficult than it seems. Picking your unofficial title is a great exercise to think about your job, your organization, and how the two fit together. It all depends on the atmosphere in the office– Teamphoria’s marketing coordinators are the “Chief Troublemaker” and “Marketing Geek,” respectively.

Show off your wit

I wanted to come off as clever and professional in just a couple words. The best titles are not only funny, but they’re smart. I didn’t want to come off as silly, but I didn’t want to be stuffy either.

Work As A Team

Do all of the people who work in HR have similar titles? Maybe they should! Maybe the iOS developers go with a pirate theme, and the Android developers go with ninjas. Take something that unifies you as a team and work off of that!

Be Accurate

While you may want to be funny, try not to diminish or inflate your actual title. It may be fun to be the King of Coding, but not when it’s the first week of your summer internship and your manager has written three books on development. Make sure you have the skills to back up your claim.

Be You

Make it reflect you! Play with different “titles” until you find one that fits you and your company. It should match your style, both professionally and personally. Being the “blogging princess” wouldn’t fit me, but “content creator” would! So find something that works for you!

I’m still working on mine, but if you have suggestions, or know someone who has thought up an awesome title, tell me in the comments. Otherwise, if you have questions about Teamphoria, or making your own title, let us know!


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