So if you told me last week that I’d be writing about how the random reptile in our pond improved the company culture of our organization, I would have responded with, “Are you on crack?” because really… really… what are the chances of an alligator in our pond? And why on earth would it have anything to do with our employee engagement?


Lo and behold, here I am, writing about an alligator. Sparcy, as we’ve named it, made it’s way onto our property last week and has been chilling here ever since. When I previously mentioned pond, let’s just say that I’m using that term loosely. The drainage pond located off of our patio is inches deep, but it happens to be perfect for this pint-sized gator. It’s seriously the cutest little creepy crawler I have ever seen. Which is exactly why we aren’t freaking out and calling the DNR, and instead embracing our new neighbor until he wanders his way to a bigger and better pond.

What Sparcy doesn’t realize is the impact he’s made on us. It has nothing specific to do with Sparcy (no offense, little guy), but he’s given us something to rally around. It’s a feeling of camaraderie.

Every day I see people checking in on Sparcy, making sure he’s still in the pond. He’s the frequent topic of conversation, Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures. It’s undeniable that this little unplanned office pet brings a smile to our faces.

Before I continue, do NOT run out and buy an office pet. (That seems like a terrible idea.)

The point of all of is that the biggest employee engagement boosts come from things that are entirely outside of your realm of control. Don’t let this discourage you, let it empower you! Take notice of the little things that make your team happy and let it fuel your ideas for future ways to keep your team engaged. Ride out the natural employee engagement highs, but don’t depend on them to carry your team. Sitting around waiting for Sparcy to wander into your backyard isn’t going to do anything.

Not to mention, the Sparcys of the world are temporary. Eventually he’ll find a new home, or grow big enough to leave a bite mark and have to be removed from the premises. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, Sparcy.

If you are looking for a more permanent, less dangerous, option than an office alligator to boost your company culture, schedule a free company culture consultation with our team.

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