Employee engagement surveys – perhaps you’ve taken one, or administered one, or spent three hours thinking about taking one, bailing, and just hoping no one noticed that you are messing up the organization’s participation statistics. Most of us have had some encounter with employee engagement surveys over our years in the workforce. As employee engagement surveys are becoming more commonplace, the preconceived opinions and judgements continue to grow. Many employees are already groaning before they even get to the first question.


Whether you are in the “for” or “against” employee engagement surveys camp, we’ve taken an objective look at both sides of the issue and compiled a few quick tips on how to do it right. Employee surveys are undeniably useful tools to collect valuable data, so the answer isn’t to avoid them altogether, but instead to do them right.

Employee engagement surveys can be a bit of a beast to tackle, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you take them down.

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