The problem

When Nick started as the Director of Talent Management at Now Courier, he wanted to assess what issues he needed to address. After surveying the organization, Nick learned that employees did not feel aligned with the organization’s mission and values and did not feel that excellent individual work was communicated to the organization. Nick quickly realized that Now Courier did not have the systems in place that could directly address these initiatives.

The solution

Nick analyzed numerous web-based solutions focused on Employee Engagement, focusing on several key factors, including:  ease-of-use; implementation time; reporting analytics and overall VOI.  Ultimately, Now Courier decided to move forward with Teamphoria because it delivered a fun and intuitive interface with a robust backend customization to allow the system to seamlessly integrate into employee’s daily routines. now courier results -  - Now Courier


Now Courier’s employees immediately responded with positive feedback.  One year later, Nick has witnessed an incredible change in employee motivation, and the numbers back up his assessment.

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Teamphoria is the employee engagement software that builds and measures company culture through recognition, performance management, surveys and communication.

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