At Teamphoria we encourage one on one meetings between managers and direct reports. These one on one meetings show employees that you value them and care about them as people. Set your managers up for success by following our one on one template to get the most out of the meetings.



Before you start:

Make sure to open the meeting up with an informal catch-up. Ask your employees about topics outside of work. This should be light topics of conversation to get the meeting started and make your direct report feel comfortable. (5-10 minutes)


The Meat of the Meeting:

We’ve broken this down into four basic topics for the meeting. Remember, this is a time for the employee to talk – you as the manager are just guiding the conversation. Make sure to take this time to listen to your direct report and take notes! (15-20 minutes)

  • Accomplishments: Start the meeting with accomplishments. Let your employees talk about what they excelled in.  
  • What is working well: This can be anything from work performance, processes, projects, effort, deadlines, communication, teamwork, etc.
  • Areas of opportunity: Note areas of opportunity and where the employee can improve. Again this can be anything from career growth, work performance, processes, projects, effort, deadlines, communication, teamwork, etc.
  • Goals: Now it’s time to set some goals. This will also help set you up for your next one on one. You can talk about the goals that were set this meeting in the accomplishments section during your next one on one.


End your meeting with some additional action items. Make sure to ask your direct report what support they need from you to help them reach their goals. (5-10 minutes)



And to make things easier, we have this one on one template available to be uploaded into your Teamphoria account – just reach out to us and we can upload it for you! Don’t have a Teamphoria account? Sign up for our free performance management software today and the first 5 users are free!

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