John - Persona
John, a frontline team member, is frustrated. He has to finish his review by the end of the week, but he has a lot going on and he lost the email and review itself.
Sally - Persona
Sally, John’s manager, is at her wits end trying to constantly track down John and figure out who else he needs to review besides himself.
Susan - Persona
Susan, the COO, dreads performance reviews. It means she has to spend hours cleaning up a spreadsheet in order to make the necessary business decision around her company’s people.

Teamphoria is changing the way organizations conduct their reviews. Saving time, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and creating valuable automated reports are just a few of the reasons Teamphoria is the performance software for your team and the way organizations are conducting their reviews today.

Easy to use

Save time with Teamphoria’s easy to use interface and technology. Simple for all team members to complete reviews quickly.
perf screen 1 -  - Teamphoria Performance Management Software
perf screen 4 -  - Teamphoria Performance Management Software

True 360 Feedback

Capture reviews from peers, multiple managers, and external users. View all responses in a single formatted page to read, compare and print the results.


New! Add scoring to a review and get quicker insight into how your team members are doing.
perf screen 3 -  - Teamphoria Performance Management Software
perf screen 2 -  - Teamphoria Performance Management Software

Results and Reports

HR can control the review process, manage participants, and export results. Managers can also add notes to the review.

Set up and launch in a day!

Sign up for free today to see how easy it is to launch your review, even if you have not used Teamphoria before!

Engagement and culture are key to performance. Contact our team so we can show you how to leverage Teamphoria’s engagement and culture features.

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