OK, saying employee engagement can save the lives of your team members may be a little hyperbolic, but hey – as leaders we need every advantage possible, right?


The infusion of wellness programs into corporate America is nearly complete, and you’ll find health-based incentives in most benefits packages. It’s a no brainer to connect lower insurance costs and increased productivity with healthier employees, so companies everywhere are looking for more ways to get their teams thinking about their health.

But why make them think about it? When people love where they work and what they do, their whole lives become better and more aligned with their goals. That’s where employee engagement comes in: It’s your secret weapon for a healthier workforce.

Get ’em Engaged, Get ’em Healthy

In a recent study, Gallup found a strong connection between employee engagement and health. It turns out that engaged workforces tend to exercise more and eat healthier, which means good things for the company. So while the staff’s bottoms get smaller, the company’s bottom line gets bigger. Who doesn’t want that?!?

This is just another reason to why this is your year to focus on employee engagement. More employee engagement means better health, which means happier employees and better bottom line – everyone wins!

How are you increasing your team’s engagement this year? Let us know in the comments.

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