Research shows that people leave managers, not companies. So how can you become a good leader and keep your employees engaged? Check out the top traits that will make you a good leader.


Be a Good Communicator

A good leader should be able to convey their vision to their team. Your words have the power to inspire and motivate your team. Being a good communicator is not just about having the ability to speak to your team, but to be able to listen to your team as well.


Be Positive

Positive attitudes are contagious. As a leader you should be able to provide a positive and supportive environment for your team. Positive attitudes lead to improved performance from your team.


Be Accountable

Hold yourself and your teammates accountable. If your team succeeds, congratulate them, but if they are struggling, let them know the mistakes and work on improvement together. An accountable leader takes responsibility and ownership for the performance of their team.


Be Passionate

If you lack passion, then your team will lack passion. Show your team your enthusiasm for the project and it will get them excited. With passion comes commitment and the ability to stay focused.


Be Inspiring to Others

As a leader you must inspire your team through your actions and words to believe in a common vision. Inspire your team by leading by example. Inspired employees will strive for greater heights



Being a good leader takes work, and unfortunately there are plenty of bosses out there running companies and not enough leaders. So, are you ready to become a good leader? Check out how Teamphoria helps leaders build and develop these characteristics with our employee engagement software. Sign up today and your first 5 users are free!

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