Culture in the company we can do, but in the boardroom?

company culture begins at the top…the room where we meet around a fancy table that seems to go for miles to discuss controversial topics in uncomfortable attire attempting to act and speak professionally all the while just wishing and praying that the meeting would end so we could go hibernate in our cubes until the dreaded date of the next boardroom meeting arrives. Yep, that’s the room we’re talking about!

Boardrooms don’t have to be so bad – think about it. It’s the room where some of the most crucial and influential decisions for your company are made…decisions that take your company to the next level and impact everything from employees and customers to the entire world. It’s a big deal! And big deals absolutely require employee engagement.

This is where company culture begins…at the top. Senior management in particular must hold true to everything they promote to their people and abide by it themselves. They are the role models and trendsetters for everyone else. So, if you have company culture within teams, then senior management should have it with each other as well. Everything that happens at team levels to build company culture and employee engagement should be evident across all parts of an organization – especially at the top.

So guy in the tie…loosen up, laugh, and get to know the guy in the tie next to you. You’ll be happy you did.

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