Teamphoria is the modern way for organizations to boost culture, engagement and performance. Don’t rely only on surveys or annual performance reviews. Instead capture and provide ongoing feedback through Teamphoria’s four pillars in a focused and meaningful way:
  1. Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  2. Communication
  3. Culture Baseline Survey and Custom Surveys
  4. Performance Reviews and Goal Setting
It’s time to deliver the modern workforce the modern solution they deserve.

The Teamphoria mobile app for iPhone and Android allows team members to:

  • Engage with your organization by liking and commenting on the activity feed
  • Send recognition awards to your peers that can translate to rewards and gift cards
  • Communicate and provide feedback to team members and leadership
  • Receive notifications when feedback is sent to you
  • Stay up to date with your organization
  • Get notified of activity within Teamphoria
  • View awards and communication
Have questions about how to use the app? Visit our knowledge base!
* A Teamphoria account is required to use the app. Request more information.