This day in age, every employer should realize that employee recognition and employee engagement are vital to current and future success. No longer is there a need to prove the long-term benefits of engaging and recognizing employees.

The research has been done and re-done. Engaged and recognized employees are your top performers, biggest supporters, and most tenured employees.
Here are a few ways to kick it up a notch:

  1. Keep it unfiltered and unfettered – let your team recognize all things great and small and use the language they choose. If you censor or put constraints on it then you will see it dwindle down to nothing.
  2. Celebrate every month – make sure you choose a recipient or two to recognize
    in front of the entire company on a regular basis.
  3. Don’t let employees game the system – putting values, merchandise or gift cards can be valuable but is not necessary. Use a system that allows for limited or leveled employee recognition where certain types are more scarce than others. You will cut out ‘gaming’ the system and make recognizing more real.
  4. Make sure senior leadership and management are leading the charge – and using most if not all of their employee recognition inventory every month. One of the biggest reason employees leave is not for more money but due to lack of employee recognition from their direct manager.
  5. Ditch your employee of the month award – it’s stale and brings zero value to your organization.
  6. Make public your employee recognition – it allows all employees to see the great things going on in your company and lets employees gauge the pulse or happiness of the organization.
  7. Keep the fire burning – make employee recognition a part of your company culture and your company culture will improve!

Give some or all of the above a shot. What do you have to lose? Make the commitment to create a company culture of employee recognition and see how your company changes for the better! Sign Up for Teamphoria employee recognition software for free today!

How are you making your employee recognition program rock?

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