The new year is almost here and your resolution should be to create and grow a company culture of feedback in 2018. Companies are using feedback to grow their teams and organizations, and even for individual growth. So what initiatives are companies taking in 2018?


Employee Recognition: Give positive feedback through employee recognition. Make sure to recognize your employees for their growth.  

Employee Communication: Allow for a feedback-safe environment with an anonymous space for team members to provide feedback. At Teamphoria we have the anonymous Vent a Frustration employee communication. With a safe space to provide feedback, team members will feel a send of trust.

Innovation through Suggestions: Having an open employee communication for suggestions will allow users to provide feedback at any time. Make sure to highlight decisions based on feedback provided.

Individual feedback: Utilize the 360 review to allow managers and peers to provide feedback on a team member. Leave the review open all quarter so team members/managers can provide feedback whenever.

Organization feedback: Take a quick pulse of your organization through an employee survey. Employee surveys will be able to measure employee engagement and give employees a voice.


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